Academic Courses

External examiners

All of our modules and programmes are overseen by External Examiners, whose role it is to ensure the academic standards of the awards being made are consistent with the wider Higher Education sector, and that due process has been followed in determining results. Find out more about External Examiners on our Policies and Procedures page.

They are responsible for ensuring students are treated fairly and equitably in accordance with the Academic Regulations as agreed by The Open University. This includes considering cases of suspected plagiarism or academic misconduct as well as reviewing appeals.

The External Examiners meet on a quarterly basis to consider final results for modular students and on a six monthly basis to ratify the results for programme students.  It is only after the External Examiners have met and agreed the results that we are able to apply to The Open University for your certificate.

Our External Examiners for our Undergraduate (Degree and Diploma) modules and programmes are:

Chris Duncan
Senior Lecturer
University of Wolverhampton
Appointed April 2021

Jane Nicol
Senior Lecturer Adult Nursing
University of Birmingham Medical School
Appointed September 2019

The External Examiners must remain impartial and students should therefore not contact them directly.

Should you require any further information regarding the role of the External Examiners then please contact Long Term Conditions Programme Lead on or 01926 493313.