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Leadership & Coaching

In the words of Peter Drucker ‘Only three things happen naturally in an organisation – Friction, confusion and underperformance’. Organisations need leaders, teams need leaders, people are required to step up as leaders in a plethora of situations. 

Leadership starts with learning how to lead yourself; it is about personal resilience, asking not telling and above all being flexible and constantly learning.

Women leading in health: FREE podcast series

Be inspired by the stories of women leading in the world of health and medicine.

In this series of podcasts, our Chief Executive, Dr Linda Edwards, explores the skills and mind-set required to lead. Topics include career pathways, leadership style, defining career moments and maintaining a balance in and outside of careers. Listen now.


Finding the Leader Within: series of three online interactive webinars

During the series of three Finding the Leader Within sessions, we will help you find your own level of leadership resilience and build on it, enabling you to bounce back from adversity more easily; you will discover how to manage your internal dialogue to support rather than hinder you, explore being adaptive and authentic and lead from within. Each session is designed to help you to thrive and grow as a leader. Whether you are new to leadership or have been leading for some time, there is something for you. Find out more about this course.

Leadership Workshop package 

This highly interactive package of two workshops is delivered through our interactive blended online model. With a focus on leading change and developing confidence, the course will create opportunities for both self reflection and group interaction. For more information contact our Partnerships Managers at [email protected] to ask about holding this workshop for your team.


‘Coaching helped me change the way I reacted to day to day pressures and to understand how to support myself and others; it was so powerful that I decided to train as a coach. That was many years ago, since which time I have had the privilege of working with many people from all walks of life, helping them to feel more balanced and in control of their lives. Some have made massive changes and others minor adjustments. All have one thing in common, they want to change something, either a situation or a relationship. Always it is much easier than they thought.’

Dr Linda Edwards, August 2022 

Individual coaching 

Each coaching session is geared around the needs of the individual, it is strictly confidential, and outcome focused, enabling each person to get the outcomes they need. Some people use coaching to focus on career aspirations, others to bring more balance into stressful everyday work and life. Never has coaching been more needed than now as many HCPs grapple with the unrelenting pressure of increased demand and staff shortages. For an initial confidential chat to assess your needs please email us at: [email protected]

We recommend an initial session where you can discuss your needs and agree a series of sessions if required.


Individual session of 90 minutes – £250 plus VAT  

4 sessions – £950 plus VAT  

6 sessions – £1,325 plus VAT

Group coaching 

Coaching a team or group of colleagues of two to six people can be a very powerful way of bringing people together to achieve a common goal. It enables group members to work together effectively, listen to one another and find common ground. It is often used when teams are under pressure or going through significant change. It normally comprises of a series of three sessions and can be flexed to meet the needs of the group.

To enquire about group coaching contact us at [email protected].