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Leadership & Coaching

In the words of Peter Drucker ‘Only three things happen naturally in an organisation – Friction, confusion and underperformance’. Organisations need leaders, teams need leaders, people are required to step up as leaders in a plethora of situations. 

Leadership starts with learning how to lead yourself; it is about becoming self-validating and validating others, it is about personal resilience, asking not telling and above all being flexible and constantly learning. 

A leader’s role is to  

Hold the vision, hold the ring, hold their nerve
While staying
Stay calm and alert 

Leadership Workshop package 

This is a highly interactive package of two workshops delivered through the EfH Interactive Blended Online Learning model; in between workshop sessions you will be asked to implement your new learning  and to bring the learnings from this to share and discuss at the second session. This enables everyone to learn from each other as well as the experience of the group facilitator. By the end of the two sessions you will have the confidence and competence combined with the ability to lead a change process within your working environment. For more information click here to download our flyer, or contact our Partnerships Managers to ask about holding this workshop for your team.

Individual Coaching 

Facilitated by an experienced coach, coaching creates the opportunity for you to develop ways of thinking and operating that enable you to thrive; managing yourself and taking charge of your emotions, enabling you to be the best you can be. Dr Linda Edwards, our chief executive, offers a limited amount of 121 coaching for healthcare professionals and leaders. To enquire about our Coaching offering, please use our Contact Us form.

New developments for 2021 

Leadership Masterclasses 

Starting in March 2021 we will be running a programme of annual masterclasses based around the key principles of the work of Dr Edwards in her book, ‘The Barefoot Executive: Leadership Skills for the 21st Century’  

Leadership Library 

This will become available early in 2021 and will include recommended reading, videos, and other resources.