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We are continually looking to stretch the boundaries of care to improve health outcomes; we do this through working with thought leaders and experts in health and wellbeing.

Once successfully tried and tested we take the best and incorporate them into our products and services. 

We know that the environment in which we work has changed dramatically over the last five or 10 years; in addition the impact of Covid-19 combined with the national and local lockdowns has dramatically changed the face of service delivery and education and training, probably for ever. 

Our skilled team of consultants have a breadth and depth of expertise to enable us to find the best match for your needs, be that the development of a new programme or product, some bespoke consultancy or team coaching. Whatever your ideas or needs we are always really happy to talk with you and explore options. 

Current projects range from the creation of a Diabetes Circle – to share leading edge developments in diabetes prevention and care – through to international training and development.

  • Diabetes Circle
    In 2021 we will be launching our Diabetes Circle, which builds on the success of our October 2020 Diabetes Week. It brings together a selection of online resources and enables discussion to support better diabetes management and outcomes. Click here for more information.
  • BAME Engagement and Cultural Competence
    The challenges of overcoming diverse cultural barriers can often appear very challenging. We are working with experts in the field of cultural competence to create a suite of products to address these challenges. Consultants in cultural competence and many years of working with BAME communities are also available to support local projects.
  • Prison Healthcare
    Health Care Professionals working in prisons, have different needs to those working in the NHS. Therefore, we are developing a specific suite of resources designed to assist HCPs working in the criminal justice system.
  • International Work
    We have extensive experience of delivering education and training throughout the world. As the world struggles to cope with the impact of Covid-19; by providing our education and training portfolio on line, we have an opportunity to support health care professional around the globe. We have a range of “off the peg” and “bespoke” solutions to help healthcare systems anywhere in the world. Contact us below for more information.
  • Online Conferences
    We are working hard to deliver innovative online events that build on the success of the Long Term Condition Interchange we ran in 2019. Watch our news page or follow us on LinkedIn to get updates.
  • Mental Health Resources
    We are developing resources that will help healthcare professionals to have conversations with their patients about mental health problems at their annual reviews and at other suitable opportunities. Have your say
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