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Learning Licences for Covid-19 Resource Centre

Do I buy a course place or a learning licence? 

If you are buying for someone else, please buy a Covid-19 Resource Centre Learning Licence and pass it to the person who will be attending so they can register. They will need to book onto the course, using the code supplied by you/their funder.

A learning licence gives you flexibility and helps you manage the timing of when you release the licences to the participant/learners. After purchase, you can pass the code supplied to the learner, who returns to the store where they can book.

Please note: Covid-19 Resource Centre learner licences are valid for 21 days. Please ensure you use your code to register your place within 21 days of receiving your code. All other standard terms and conditions apply.

If you would like to discuss licences or the Covid-19 Resource Centre further, please contact our Partnerships Team so we can help you plan your training needs, how you might want to use those licences, and any other support we can provide. Contact us on [email protected] and we will be in touch.

Click here to buy a Covid-19 Resource Centre learner licence.

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