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Learning Licences

Do I buy a course place or a learning licence? 

If you are buying for yourself, please buy a course place. If you are buying for anyone else, buy a learning licence and pass that learning licence to the person who will be attending. They will need to book onto the course, using a learning licence supplied by their funder. 

I need to buy for someone else or a couple of people – what is a learning licence? 

A learning licence gives you flexibility and helps you manage the timing of when you release the licences to the participant/learners. After purchase, you can pass the code supplied to the learner, who returns to the store where they can book onto the start date of a course that suits. They can access the subject area that suits their needs and yours, and on a start date any time up to 12 months from date of purchase. And as the purchaser, you could buy, for example, 5 learning licences at Level 5 when your training budget allows, then allocate them to staff throughout the following 12 months. 

I need to buy for at least ten people

We have extra support for purchasers buying learning licences at this volume, including a dedicated Partnership Manager who can help with licence usage reports, learner progress on courses and completion data. This allows you to easily demonstrate a return on your investment. We also have discounts available when bulk buying – talk to the team on to find out more. 

How does a learning licence work? 

The organisation/person paying for the course purchases learning licences at the correct level for their organisation: 

  • Level 5 licences can be used on any Level 5 (diploma level) short course; without the need to specify the subject 
  • Level 6 licences can be used on any Level 6 (degree level) short course in the same way 
  • Level 7 licences – these vary according to the number of Masters level academic credits, so check the licence information to ensure you buy the right licence – three month courses with 15 credits are a different price to six month courses with 30 credits. 
  • Spirometry licences can be used to enable people to access the Spirometry course starting on the date to suit you and/ or them. There are two types of spirometry licence – one includes ARTP assessment and the other does not. So please check that you are buying the correct licence. 
  • Online refresher licences can be used for any online refresher, with dates being added throughout the year. 

As a purchaser you buy the learning licences through our store, then pass the licence code to individuals when they are ready to train. This enables them to directly register onto a course with a suitable start date. This is done via the store, using the licence code in place of payment. 

How does the learner use the learning licence once I allocate it to them? 

The learner goes to to the store and chooses the course and date that suits; when they are asked for payment, they use the learning licence code you supplied them to complete their purchase. Learning licences either relate to courses at a certain level, or to specific courses in the case of Spirometry.


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