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Learning Licences

Do I buy a course place or a learning licence? 

If you are buying for yourself, please buy a course place. If you are buying for anyone else, buy a learning licence and pass that learning licence to the person who will be attending. They will need to book onto the course, using a learning licence or learning licences supplied by their funder. 

I need to buy for someone else or a couple of people – what is a learning licence? 

A learning licence gives you flexibility and helps you manage the timing of when you release the licences to the participant/learners. After purchase, you can pass the code supplied to the learner, who returns to the store where they can book onto the start date of a course that suits. They can access the subject area that suits their needs and yours, and on a start date any time up to 6 months from date of purchase.* And as the purchaser, you could buy, for example, 3 learning licences at Level 5 when your training budget allows, then allocate them to staff throughout the following 6 months. 

I need to buy for at least ten people

We have extra support for purchasers buying learning licences at this volume, including a dedicated Partnership Manager. We also have discounts available when bulk buying – talk to the team on to find out more. 

How does a learning licence work? 

The organisation/person paying for the course purchases learning licences at the correct level for their organisation: 

  • Level 5 licences can be used on any Level 5 (diploma level) short course; without the need to specify the subject 
  • Level 6 licences can be used on any Level 6 (degree level) short course in the same way 
  • Level 7 licences – these vary according to the number of Masters level academic credits, so check the licence information to ensure you buy the right licence – three month courses with 15 credits are a different price to six month courses with 30 credits. 
  • Spirometry licences can be used to enable people to access the Spirometry course starting on any date to suit you and/ or them. There are four types of spirometry licence – two include access to ARTP assessment -so please check that you are buying the correct licence for the course you want. 
  • Essentials workshop licences can be used for any essentials workshop, with dates being added throughout the year. 
  • Online refresher licences can be used for any online refresher except the Spirometry Refresher, with dates being added throughout the year. 
  • All day workshop licences can be used for any all day workshop, with dates being added throughout the year.

As a purchaser you buy the learning licences through our store, then pass the licence code to individuals when they are ready to train. This enables them to directly register onto a course with a suitable start date. This is done via the store, using the licence code in place of payment. If you have purchased Learner Licences, the codes will be sent to you on separate emails.

How does the learner use the learning licence once I allocate it to them? 

The learner goes to to the store and chooses the course and date that suits; when they are asked for payment, they use the learning licence code you supplied them to complete their purchase. Learning licences either relate to courses at a certain level, or to specific courses such as in the case of Spirometry.

*Licences for our Covid-19 Resource Centre six month subscription must be used within 21 days of purchase.