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Buying for Others

Do you want to buy a place for someone else?

If you are buying for anyone else, please buy a learning licence and pass that learning licence code to the person who will be attending. They will need to book onto the course, using the learning licence code supplied by their funder.

A learning licence gives you flexibility and helps you manage the timing of when you release the licences to the participant/learners. After purchase, you can pass the code supplied to the learner, who returns to the store where they can book onto the start date of a course that suits. They can access the subject area that suits their needs and yours, and on a start date any time up to 6 months from date of purchase. As the purchaser, you could buy, for example, 3 learning licences at Level 5 when your training budget allows, then allocate them to staff throughout the following 6 months.

Are you looking to purchase multiple places for your team?

If you have a group of staff you wish to train in a particular subject, or want to build a long term conditions training plan for your staff across a year or longer, our Partnerships Team can help.

Benefits to working directly with our Partnerships Team include discounts when purchasing specific numbers of places, bespoke or tailored learning, and reports including learner attendance and progress on courses, plus evaluations.

Want to find out more? Fill in the form below which goes directly to our team, email us on or call on 01926 838988 or 01926 838966.