Bringing Education for Health and REUK together

Respiratory Education UK (REUK) became part of Education for Health in 2015.

Education for Health and Respiratory Education UK (REUK) came together as one group in January 2015.

During the year we worked together to integrate the activities of the two charities and by the end of December 2015 the final steps were taken to consolidate the academic and administrative functions into the Education for Health headquarters in Warwick and close the REUK offices in Aintree.

The remaining educational administrative functions of REUK are now based from Education for Health in Warwick and academic activities are delivered at venues across the UK.

Any money held by students or commissioners on account with REUK will have been transferred to Education for Health and is available for one year after the merger date of January 2015.

The Masters Programme in Respiratory Practice, originally developed by REUK – including individual level 7 modules – is now delivered as part of Education for Health’s portfolio of training and education, retaining REUK’s strong legacy in supporting the development and delivery of respiratory services across both primary and secondary care.

The University of Hertfordshire has validated Education for Health to deliver the Masters Programme from 2016 onwards.

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