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An Interview with Education Lead Linda Edmunds

13th July 2015

Find out more about our new modules

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An Interview with Education Lead Rhian Last

13th July 2015

In the build up to our new modules we have conducted a series of interviews with each Education Lead. In…

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Future of primary care needs some innovation

4th July 2015

The future could and should look very different if we are prepared to make some radical change.

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UK Inhaler Group (UKIG) welcomes change in colour of AstraZeneca’s Duaklir® Genuair® inhaler

2nd July 2015

The UK Inhaler Group (UKIG) has welcomed AstraZeneca’s decision to change the colour of their Duaklir® Genuair® inhaler...

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Asthma Set To Be Prioritised In England

22nd June 2015

Asthma is set to be prioritised in England as part of a national clinical audit.

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Connecting Through Education

18th June 2015

Every year learners from our DipHE and BSc programmes of study come together for their graduation. This day is the…

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Supporting Children’s Health: An Update

16th June 2015

In May of this year we proudly launched Supporting Children’s Health, our new free online resource, to support anyone who…

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Running to support the people of Bangladesh

1st June 2015

Two Warwick women will take part in the upcoming Two Castles Run on Sunday 14 June in unusual attire – beautiful saris!

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Welcome to the new Journal of General Practice Nursing

21st May 2015

We at Education for Health are delighted to be jointly launching the Journal of General Practice Nursing (GPN) at this exciting time for all nurses working in primary and community care.

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Education for Health Clinical Lead Awarded Queen’s Nurse Title

20th May 2015

Education for Health Clinical Lead Beverley Bostock-Cox has been awarded the prestigious title of Queen’s Nurse (QN) by community nursing…

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Just an hour to save a life: Asthma education website launches

5th May 2015

Our new free online Asthma education resource in association with The George Coller Memorial Fund has launched!

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Journal of General Practice Nursing (GPN) launches

3rd May 2015

The new Journal of General Practice Nursing (GPN), published in association with Education for Health, has launched!

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