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Severe Asthma Masterclass Series

Sponsored Product - Severe Asthma eLearning

Despite advances in health technology and medicine, we continue to see asthma impacting people’s quality of life, as well as affecting local and national health resources.

According to Asthma UK (2021) approximately 250,000 adults and children have severe asthma. What’s more, it is estimated that every 10 seconds, someone experiences a potentially life-threatening asthma attack in the UK.

We want things to change. Our aim is to support the healthcare workforce by providing free education and training focused on severe asthma and enable healthcare professionals to impact health outcomes.

What’s Included

This project will see four one-hour live masterclasses delivered to healthcare professionals. Sessions will be run by a Lead Asthma Nurse and will cover identifying patients with severe asthma, treatment pathways and management. The sessions will be interactive, enabling participants to ask questions.

Sponsorship is valid for a 12 month period and includes the sponsor’s logo appearing on slides as part of the masterclasses.

Funding provided by the sponsor will be used to create the content and host the masterclasses.


To discuss this project in more detail, or suggest other opportunities for partnerships, please contact Ian Williams, Head of Corporate and National Partnerships.