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Heart Failure Masterclass


We offer a choice of standalone Heart Failure Masterclasses, each at a cost of £45. Each of these sessions are 90-minutes and explore best practice and how to support heart failure patients and their families, as well as an ‘ask the expert’ opportunity. You can select the session, or sessions, most appropriate to your role.

SKU: HTFLRO-01 Categories: , , , , , , , , , Courses: Heart Failure: Maximising Opportunities in Heart Failure – 17th June 2024 – 12:30 till 14:00, Heart Failure – The Burden of Heart Failure in the UK – 10th June 2024 – 12:30 till 14:00

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Study TypeInteractive group session
Duration90 minutes standalone sessions
Start DateVarious

Please Note: All scheduled courses (unless clearly indicated) are delivered online using an Interactive Blended Online Learning Model. This includes a blend of live webinars, workshops and Q&A sessions with clinical tutors combined with eLearning and videos; all designed to enable participants to build the knowledge and skills needed to successfully complete their course.

Our 90-minute Masterclasses are the perfect way to develop your knowledge and skills  without undertaking lengthy training courses. Scheduled for lunch times so they can be more easily accessed during your working day, these interactive sessions offer ‘bite size’ learning that focuses on the topics most relevant to healthcare professionals working in primary care.

Heart Failure has been identified as the biggest post-pandemic cause of ‘excess deaths’ in the UK, with a 16% increase reported last year. These 90-minute masterclasses will discuss key issues related to heart failure in the UK, allowing healthcare professionals to develop their understanding of how the condition can be more effectively managed. Whether you are currently supporting Heart Failure patients, are studying the topic and hope to develop a specialism, or you just want to understand more about this prevalent issue, join us in exploring the impact, diagnosis, and management of Heart Failure via these interactive sessions.

Increase your knowledge and know-how

Each Masterclass is delivered as a standalone session, so you are welcome to attend just one or several. Please ensure you select the correct Masterclass session title and number when adding to your basket above.

Masterclass 1 - The Burden of Heart Failure in the UK Masterclass will cover the following content:

  • The pathophysiology of heart failure
  • Trends and changes in prevalence
  • The impact of heart failure in the UK
  • Preventative strategies and lifestyle interventions for patients who have, or are at risk of, heart failure
  • The role of NT-proBNP in early diagnoses of heart failure

Masterclass 2 - Maximizing opportunities in Heart Failure Masterclass will cover the following content:

  • Delivering person centred care in heart failure
  • Management of heart failure, with focus on the four pillars of treatment in particular initiating treatment and titrating doses
  • Overview of SGLT2s use in heart failure
  • Adopting an integrated multidisciplinary team approach to deliver quality outcomes for patients with heart failure

For the final 20 minutes of each Masterclass, you will have the opportunity to ask questions of our expert clinical facilitator – please do come prepared with any specific questions or issues you would like to discuss, but please be aware that we cannot advise on individual cases.

Course Details

Each Masterclass will last 90 minutes in total, with dedicated time for questions at the end.

Delivered via Microsoft Teams, the session will begin with a presentation from our expert clinical facilitator and offer opportunities for interactive discussion.