Pre-register for your Monthly Tutorial

We are delighted to provide you with the opportunity to register for your next monthly spirometry tutorial. Remember, these sessions are designed to consolidate your learning from the elearning chapters or your pre-recorded lecture (depending on the programme you are on) and answer any questions or queries you may have.

Please note: We have changed the name and the content of each monthly tutorial. Please ensure that you have read this in order to register on the session that is suitable for you.  

These sessions are designed to provide you with an overview of how to perform spirometry. Here we will be discussing key components such as calibration and verification as well as providing some key hints and tips to support your patient getting ready to undertake spirometry.

These sessions are designed for those learners who will be involved in performing spirometry and reporting (interpreting) on spirometry traces. We will cover a step-by-step process on how to report (interpret) a basic spirometry trace. You should attend this tutorial if you are confident on performing spirometry and are ready to report (interpret) a spirometry trace.

This session is designed for those learners who are nearing completion of their spirometry eLearning and are ready to apply for their ARTP certification (assessment). Within this tutorial we will be covering how to report (interpret) more complex traces and providing you with hints and tips to the ARTP certification process.

Please ensure that you have attended the performing and performing and reporting tutorials.

These sessions have been designed for those learners who are operating outside of primary and secondary care and are currently operating in the following area of practices Army, Ministry of Defence and occupational health settings.

These tutorials are rolling and therefore as you work through your programme, you can move from one level to another.

Please click the relevant date below for the session you wish to attend and register your details.

Performing Sessions

Performing and Reporting (Interpreting) Sessions

Reporting and getting ready to undertake your ARTP certifications sessions

Occupational Health Sessions