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Primary Care Networks

Development and training support programmes

The creation of Primary Care Networks (PCNs) is a key focus of the NHS Long Term Plan; as is the role these networks will play in the delivery of services for people with long term conditions. Yet, setting up PCNs and ensuring they continue to run efficiently is also a huge undertaking for those involved.

At Education for Health, we’re offering support to healthcare professionals to enable you to set up and effectively work within a PCN. These can be delivered anywhere in England, and tailored to suit your local needs and budgets. A support package from Education for Health can help you:

  • Know your local population;
  • Build effective networks;
  • Map local services;
  • Map your patient journeys;
  • Lead the PCN.

We also provide a range of tools, courses and training centred on improving health outcomes in the longer term. Our offering is available for GPs, nurses, HCAs, practice managers, practice staff and pharmacists.

We’ve divided our support offering into three focus areas, each important in enabling a PCN to thrive.

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Creating the PCN infrastructure
Improving Health Outcomes
Specialist clinical support

Why work with Education for Health?

  • We work flexibly. If our standard offering isn’t quite right for you, we’re happy to find a tailored solution to tackle your primary challenges.
  • We know Primary Care. Our training and academic courses are developed by expert Education Leads, who all have experience of working in Primary Care. They understand the challenges you face daily in practice, as well as being at the forefront of their subject areas.
  • Our great track record. Over the last 30 years, we’ve trained thousands of healthcare professionals. Our courses and trainers are positively evaluated, and our students tell us that we’ve helped them change and improve their practice.
  • Our focused approach. We’ve developed our tools and courses to ensure they are relevant to the needs of today’s healthcare professionals. Our PCN support offer will take you through the steps of setting up a PCN to further understanding the priorities within your local patient population to developing the clinical skills and knowledge of your teams.

Our programmes can also be tailored to focus on specific disease areas to match the priorities in your local area.

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