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Greener Respiratory Care

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In October 2020 the NHS announced its plan to become the world’s first national health system to become ‘carbon net zero’.

While Covid-19 poses a health emergency today, it is clear that climate change is a long term threat to the nation’s health. In order to reach the milestones of the ‘carbon net zero’ plan, it is key that the NHS workforce understand their role in reaching this target.

Our aim is to support healthcare professionals by sharing free education focusing on greener respiratory care, and enable them to take initial steps towards a greener national health system. 

What’s Included

A range of materials will be developed and released to an unlimited number of healthcare professionals focusing on greener respiratory care. These materials will include 12 factsheets and six podcasts over a 12 month period. Topics will include preventing and reducing air pollution, medicine optimisation to manage waste, smoking cessation, digital technology within respiratory care and reducing emissions, and maintaining the balance between reducing carbon footprint and patient care.

Sponsorship is for a 12 month period and includes the sponsor’s branding on learning materials hosted on the Education for Health website. Funding from the sponsor will be used to create the learning materials, host and distribute them to the healthcare workforce.


To discuss this project in more detail, or suggest other opportunities for partnerships, please contact Ian Williams, Head of Corporate and National Partnerships.