World Asthma Day

World Asthma Day Raising awareness of asthma worldwide
World Asthma Day - Closing gaps in asthma care

Organised each year by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA), World Asthma Day (WAD) is held each May and aims to raise awareness of asthma worldwide. This year’s theme focuses on closing gaps within asthma care.

The challenge posed by this year’s theme is for respiratory communities to work together to identify and close gaps in asthma care by sharing solutions; and we’re thrilled to be doing just that! We’re speaking to associates and partners across the healthcare workforce to discuss the challenges and potential solutions they face.

Listen to our Recorded Webinar with guest Dr Robin Carr

Listen to our recording of the free webinar where we discuss why asthma care needs to be a focus today and what can be done to improve care for young people with asthma.

Closing the gap: Supporting young people with asthma
Time: 60 minutes

Our pre-recorded webinars and podcasts

Take a look at our free podcasts and webinars below.

Best practice hints and tips: A conversation on
Primary Care Respiratory Medicine.
Time: 11 minutes

Closing the gap: Person centred care in Asthma
Time: 40 minutes

Closing the gap: Ways to enhance your asthma knowledge.
Time: 17 minutes

Looking for further resources?

Take a look at our free Respiratory Packs. These include resources such as factsheets and podcasts on a range of topics including severe asthma, the role of Inhaled Corticosteroids, effective inhaler techniques, supporting the mental health of people with asthma and much more.

Develop your knowledge and knowhow

Help close the gap in asthma care by updating your knowledge and expertise. We provide courses suitable for health and care professionals at all levels:

Asthma online Refresher – taught by experienced clinical specialists, this short course is ideal for those who are currently supporting asthma patients, or those who have had previous experience of working with asthma patients and wish to update their knowledge and skills. This course will enable you to update your clinical practice alongside implementing quality improvement initiatives.

Essentials of asthma – designed for practitioners who have recently begun to, or are preparing to, support patients with asthma. This may include newly qualified nursing staff, HCAs and HCSWs, social care staff, or experienced healthcare professionals who have been recently deployed in asthma.

Higher education courses:

Foundations of managing asthma – accredited by the University of Hertfordshire, this diploma level course includes two pre-recorded lectures, a minimum of five live sessions and eLearning content. The course covers diagnosis, treatment and current clinical guidelines.

Enhancing asthma care in professional practice – this short course is delivered by interactive blended online learning. Importance is placed on a patient centred approach and covers the pathophysiology of asthma, therapeutic interventions and acute asthma.

Postgraduate courses:

We also offer four postgraduate modules, ideal for those looking to specialise in respiratory care.

Gaps in asthma care

To find out more about World Asthma Day, visit the GINA website.

GINA has raised a number of gaps that require intervention, including: