Women Leading in Health

Education for Health - Women Leaders Podcasts

Women make up over 76% of the NHS workforce, yet, are greatly underrepresented at a leadership level.

In this series of podcasts, our Chief Executive, Dr Linda Edwards, explores the skills and mind-set required to lead in the world of health and medicine. Through conversations with women from a range of leadership roles, Linda discusses career pathways, leadership style, defining career moments and maintaining a balance in and outside of careers.

Whether it be an emphasis on teamwork, communication or adaptability, find out what makes these female leaders tick and how to model their success.

Listen to our Podcasts:

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Hilary Pinnock Interview Slide leadership Podcast
Linda talks to: Hilary Pinnock – Professor of Primary Care Respiratory Medicine
Time: 19:15 minutes
Linda talks to: Julie Dent – Chair, CoLab Exeter; and Non-Executive, Parole Board Committee
Time: 22:34 minutes
Linda talks to: Shilpa Shah – Chief Executive Officer, North East London LPC
Time: 22:38 minutes

Leadership courses:

We provide a range of courses focusing on leadership, including higher education courses accredited by the University of Hertfordshire, and bite sized training.

Courses run regularly throughout the year, and are taught online via interactive blended learning. Find out more about our leadership education and training here.