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Smoking Cessation All Day Workshop


Designed for health and care professionals at all levels who currently support patients who will benefit from quitting smoking


Product Description

Support the delivery of Smoking Cessation within your day-to-day practice with our Smoking Cessation All Day Workshop.

This learning package is designed for health and care professionals at all levels who currently support patients who will benefit from quitting smoking, or who would like to develop Smoking Cessation initiatives within their practice. The course is suitable for individuals working in Primary Care, Secondary Care, and Community or Public Health services.

Led by an experienced clinical specialist and facilitator, this interactive online programme will enable you to update your knowledge and skills in order to provide high quality advice and support to potential quitters. The programme is split into three distinct webinars, focusing on:

  • The importance of Smoking Cessation and how to support behaviour change
  • The physiological effects of smoking, and the pharmacological options available to patients
  • Applying learning to your own practice, and overcoming barriers to change

These webinars are delivered in a one-day programme to enable students to share best practice and build on existing knowledge throughout the day. The course is highly interactive with opportunities for peer dialogue and shared learning, and discussions will be focused to meet participants’ needs and desired learning outcomes. The day ends with the development of a personal action plan to support the improvement of Smoking Cessation provision in individual practice.

By the end of Session 1: Introduction and Supporting Behaviour Change, students will be able to:

  • Explain why smoking cessation is important
  • Use strategies to support behavioural change
  • Deploy effective communication strategies when supporting potential quitters
  • Support patients to set SMART goals

By the end of Session 2: Pharmacological Interventions, students will be able to:

  • Explain the physiological effects of nicotine
  • Explain that a range of pharmacology options are available to patients
  • Identify the most appropriate pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment options in collaboration with the patient
  • Outline possible side effects of pharmacological interventions

By the end of Session 3: Application and Action Planning, students will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of pharmacological interventions to patient scenarios
  • Help patients overcome barriers to change
  • Identify ways to recruit patients into the service
  • Identify ways to retain patients in the service
  • Develop a smoking cessation action plan
  • Identify the ways in which you might implement your learning in your local area

Familiarisation with national guidance along with any local formularies, guidelines, and availability of partner services will be an asset.

Delivery: Facilitated online group sessions

Course Information Sheet: click to download

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