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Learning Licence: Spirometry Update


To purchase education and training for someone else please purchase a Learning Licence. After purchase you will be sent a Learning Licence code. You will have 12 months to allocate this code to a learner, and for your learner to book their place.

For a Spirometry Update, purchase a Spirometry Update Learning Licence.

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If you're purchasing a place on the Spirometry Update course for someone else, then please purchase this Spirometry Update Learning Licence.

How a Learning Licence works:

Once you have purchased the Learning Licence, you'll be emailed a Learning Licence code (or codes, if you have purchased multiple licences). You can then pass the code(s) on to the learner. The learner can then visit our online shop to book their course place, and enter the Learning Licence code at checkout. If you have purchased multiple Learning Licences, the codes will be sent to you on separate emails.

You will have 12 months (from the date of purchase) to allocate this Learning Licence code to a learner, and for the learner to book their place. Spirometry Update has ongoing enrolment throughout the year, so learners can book at any time.

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Spirometry Update course:

Our Spirometry Update course is ideal for those looking to update their Spirometry knowledge and skill-set, particularly those looking to update their knowledge before applying for recertification with the ARTP for the national register.

This bite-size course is taught through our interactive online model to ensure learners can fit learning around their other commitments. The course is made up of:

  • A pre-recorded lecture
  • A knowledge check assessment

Course outcomes:

By undertaking this course, learners will be able to:

  • Identify the guidelines which need to be used in spirometry;
  • Identify the elements needed to undertake quality assured spirometry;
  • Build on existing knowledge around interpretation.

Course benefits:

  • Flexible learning - learners have access to learning materials for six months, so they can learn at a pace and time that suits them;
  • Online - learners can access all the learning materials at home, so can learn whenever and wherever;
  • Bite-size - this short course is a quick and efficient way to update knowledge

Please note: the cost of the declaration for recertification is not included in this course price. To apply to the national register, learners will need to contact ARTP directly.

AskSpiro - additional benefit:

Our Spirometry Update course includes access to our AskSpiro service.

AskSpiro is an online question and answer support service. During the Spirometry Update course, learners can submit unlimited questions to our spirometry experts as often as they need.

AskSpiro benefits:

  • Expert support - our experts are clinically active and up to date with national guidelines;
  • Quick response time - our experts will respond to questions within two working days;
  • Value - included in the price of the Spirometry Update course fee, learners will receive unlimited access to our question and answer support service for a six month period.

How AskSpiro works:

Once the learner has purchased their place on the Spirometry Update course using the Learning Licence code, they will be given access to learning materials and the AskSpiro membership area of our website. From the AskSpiro membership page, learners can submit Spirometry related questions via a form as often as they need. The question will go directly to our team of Spirometry experts, who will email a response within two working days.

AskSpiro - the details:

This membership is designed to support those who are qualified and practicing in Spirometry and are looking for extra support. Access to AskSpiro will automatically expire at the end of the Spirometry Update course (six months from the point the Learning Licence is redeemed). Please note that individual patient cases will not be discussed nor will diagnosis be commented on. The AskSpiro service runs Monday to Friday each week. The service is closed on Bank Holidays. Education for Health reserves the right to close this service at any time.

As a purchaser you buy the Learning Licences through our store, then pass the licence code to individuals when they are ready to train. This enables them to directly register onto a course with a suitable start date. This is done via the store, using the licence code in place of payment. If you have purchased Learning Licences, the codes will be sent to you on separate emails.

How does the learner use the Learning Licence once I allocate it to them?

The learner goes to to the store and chooses the course that suits; when they are asked for payment, they use the learning licence code you supplied them to complete their purchase. Learning licences either relate to courses at a certain level, to specific courses such as in the case of Spirometry, or for access to a subscription, such as our Covid-19 Resource Centre six month subscription.

I need to buy for at least ten people

We have extra support for purchasers buying learning licences at this volume, including a dedicated Partnership Manager who can help with licence usage reports, learner progress on courses and completion data. This allows you to easily demonstrate a return on your investment. We also have discounts available when bulk buying – talk to the team on [email protected] to find out more.

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