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Covid-19 Resource Centre (six month subscription)


Our Resource Centre is constantly being updated with the new guidelines and information on new vaccines as they are approved…


Product Description

Covid-19 Resource Centre: keeping up to date with the changes in the virus, vaccine and the management and recovery can be difficult particularly when you have a day job to do! Don’t worry we’re here to support you..

A six-month subscription to our comprehensive Covid-19 Resource Centre gives you immediate access and includes:

  • Monthly live Q & A webinars with subject experts – (available live for subscribers, with recording added later).
  • Webinars to enhance your knowledge on this novel virus from understanding transmission, to mode of attack through to virus mutation and what this means for the vaccine. Webinars are delivered by clinical experts such as, Dr Lance Turtle infectious disease specialist at the University of Liverpool.
  • Resources to support you to administer the vaccine – focusing on the reconstitution and aseptic technique for the different vaccines, keeping you up to date with the latest changes from dose intervals, number of doses per vial, to covering the side effects of the vaccines and much more! All delivered by our frontline clinical experts including Jane Lambert who leads the Milton Keynes Hospital Trust vaccination site, and advanced nurse practitioner and general practice nurse, Julie Lennon.
  • Podcasts and webinars around tackling vaccine hesitancy and reaching out to the BAME community delivered by keynote speakers, including; Jermain Jackman (Co-chair of Hackney Young Futures Commission), Krishna Sarda (an expert in working across diverse communities), and Professor Rob Horne from University College London. Supplemented by factsheets which you can take back into your area of work whether this be a GP practice, vaccination site or community pharmacy enabling you to share best practice with your colleagues.
  • Speaker sessions focusing on supporting the management and recovery of Covid-19 from leading experts including Consultant Dan Wootton on Long Covid-19, Consultant Michael Zandi together with Respiratory Physiotherapist Charlotte Massey covering the importance of neurology clinics in the recovery of patients from Covid-19, and Rebecca Livingston a respiratory physiotherapist speaks to us about how to manage fatigue and breathlessness due to Covid-19 from the University College London. Additional webinars on pulmonary rehabilitation and much more that you can take away to support patients with Covid-19 today!

Our Resource Centre is constantly being updated with the new guidelines and information on new vaccines as they are approved, and new data as it emerges to ensure you are kept up to date in this complicated world of the virus and the various vaccines during your six month subscription. Designed to help you in your professional practice, keeping all the updates in one place at your fingertips as the Covid-19 landscape develops over the coming months.

And remember, you can use the resources that are suitable for you, your role and development, as well as enabling you to fulfil your revalidation requirements as a professional. We look forward to navigating the complicated world of Covid-19 with you.

Delivery: factsheets, webinars, articles and podcasts

Access: six months from date of purchase

Download: View our welcome pack for subscribers

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