Independent Nurse Asthma Survey results

A September 2015 survey carried out by Independent Nurse and commissioned by Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited of 184 nurses found that nearly 35% said there was not enough time to spend with their asthma patients.

Then Education for Health chief executive Monica Fletcher was involved in reviewing and analysing the survey, which also found that around 20% reported they had not received any formal training.

Monica, who was also chair of the UK Inhaler Group at the time, said: “‘It is interesting that 20% of nurses have not had training – Education for Health commissioned a similar survey nine years ago that had the same result. It doesn’t surprise me; it saddens me that actually after such an amount of time we haven’t made in-roads.

“The survey has been fantastic at highlighting the importance of the role of the nurse: but good asthma care is about teamwork. Everyone has a role to play from the practice receptionist, to the nurse, to the GPs and how they work within a team. It would be great to think about having asthma friendly practices in the future, and being able to identify what that looks like–so the whole team is really well streamlined.”

Monica discusses the results of the survey in this video:


*Information updated August 2018.