Supporting patients with long terms conditions by delivering education to the right audience, at the right time, and in the right way.

introtocopdEducation for Health works in partnership with Almirall Europe to provide a free online education resource for Healthcare Professionals which is dynamic, engaging and interactive: Introduction to COPD

Utilising all the clinical, educational, technological and administrative expertise within the organisation, Education for Health developed an online educational resource which supported clinical staff in their provision and management of long term condition care.

Education for Health worked closely with the client to design a resource which:

  • Developed the skills, knowledge and competence of nurses to recognise, manage and treat COPD including when and how to refer
  • Raised awareness of COPD, highlighting the need for education and nurses’ role in improving standards of COPD care.
  • Engaged regularly with over 600 clinical professionals working in the management of respiratory care
  • Promoted the evidence base for the management of COPD and education as an important contributor to quality patient care
  • Raised the profile of Almirall Europe within the respiratory care community