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Creating the PCN infrastructure

In order to create a successful PCN, it is important to have the necessary professional skills, such as leadership and networking, in place, as well as a strong understanding of local services and processes.

Our offering includes:

  • Leadership

Our course provides participants with an increased knowledge of leadership theory in order to make significant impact within clinical practice. Course content includes quality improvement strategies, managing change, putting patients at the heart of NHS care and critical analysis, plus much more. We can also run a tailored version of this course based on the specific professional development needs within your PCN.

  • Practice Manager Network support

Delivered through face-to-face teaching, webinars and telephone support, this support scheme helps bring Practice Managers together to network effectively. It can be delivered on a local basis focusing on establishing and growing one PCN, or on a broader scale for a number of PCNs across a wider area.

  • Introduction to service and process mapping

This short workshop is designed to fit into a general medical practice’s protected learning time. It take participants through the principles of service and process mapping, and shares the tools required to map in your local areas.

  • Facilitated service and process mapping workshop

This day long workshop builds on the introduction to service and process mapping course. It enables healthcare professionals and practice managers to work through the mapping process for their area with the support of facilitators, all with extensive experience in healthcare system management.

  • Training needs analysis tool

Our range of training needs analysis tools will enable PCNs to assess the clinical skills and knowledge within their local workforce and recognise where to concentrate future development and training. Our team will guide you through the process of conducting the analysis as well as planning to meet the training needs identified. These tools consider both clinical and non-clinical training needs.

  • Working with care homes

This workshop will enable primary care clinicians to develop their awareness of the health issues within care homes. It centres on developing plans to provide better care and outcomes; with focus on identifying the challenges involved in organising and delivering care within care home settings, and sourcing solutions for such challenges.

  • Integrated care workshop

By improving communication between different teams within PCNs, the care for frail and elderly people with long term conditions can be improved. This workshop centres on integrated care for patients staying in their own home. It considers quality personalised care plans, engaging patients and their carers, self-management support, and measuring and improving outcomes.

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