World Asthma Day

1st May 2018

World Asthma Day Logo 2018Today is World Asthma Day and Education for Health is asking healthcare professionals to consider if it’s time to update their knowledge and skills to provide the best support for patients.

The charity offers a wide range of education and training opportunities to support professionals to deliver the best care and follow best practice, including a number of free to access resources.

Viv Marsh, our Education Lead for asthma, said: “World Asthma Day is the ideal opportunity for healthcare professionals to consider how well they support their patients with asthma, and think about whether they are using best practice.

“We see asthma as such a common long term condition, that it is easy to forget how important it is that it is well managed to minimise the risk of an attack. Patient self-management of their condition has to be a priority to help them deal with their everyday lives.”

The figures are stark:

  • every 10 seconds, someone in the UK suffers a potentially life-threatening asthma attack.
  • Every day at least three people sadly die as a result of asthma.1

Viv added: “I hope healthcare professionals will take time on World Asthma Day to seek out a wide range of supportive resources for patients, and also consider whether they need to update their own knowledge and skills in this area.”


Education for Health asthma resources include:


  1. Asthma UK (2016) Asthma facts and statistics [online]. Available from: (Accessed April 2018).