Why study Asthma with Education for Health?

7th May 2019

Karen Rodesano
Karen Rodesano

Asthma students with Education for Health want to develop their knowledge and play their part in treating their patients living with asthma.

Asthma is the most common long term condition in the UK, affecting more than five million people of all ages1. Developing accurate and up to date knowledge in asthma is therefore essential for all healthcare professionals in primary care and secondary care who care for people with asthma, including paediatric nurses.

Karen Rodesano, who studied an Asthma Level 5 module with Education for Health, started her career as a band 2 nurse in 1999 at the Royal Free Hospital after working in retail management for a few years.

She said: “After qualifying as a paediatric nurse in 2003, I have built my career up to band 7, and I am challenging myself to see if I can make it to band 8 before I retire.

“After taking this Asthma Level 5 course, I have gained more insight and knowledge around asthma which has improved the quality of my work in the community.”

We asked Karen how she has put her knowledge into practice: “I have learnt to teach others, parents, children, young people, students and other health professionals.

“It is great to have a qualification specific to asthma and this will be included in my revalidation, and good on my CV should I ever want to apply for another respiratory role”.

Since studying with Education for Health, Karen has gone on to work in various roles including as a staff nurse, school nurse and paediatric nurse before continuing her professional development in her first specialist role as a  Looked After Children Specialist Nurse. Karen is now working as a Project Lead for Asthma and Allergy Friendly Islington Schools.

If you’re looking to develop your career in nursing and want to improve your asthma knowledge, take a look at our available asthma courses here: https://store.educationforhealth.org/catalog?pagename=asthma

1 http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/asthma/Pages/Introduction.aspx