The Development of Nursing Within New Models of Care

22nd February 2018

A new report, The development of nursing within new models of care, has been published by the National Primary Care Network (NPCN) in association with the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC).

The report aims to provide a summary of the NAPC’s NPCN meeting in September 2017.

The focus was on nursing development within new models of care, such as Primary Care homes, and the issues surrounding this.

Rhian Last, Education Lead at Education for Health, was pleased to take part as a member of NPCN. She said: “There was a real energy in the room and some stimulating and thoughtful conversations. This report will be of interest to all nurses and particularly nurses working in Primary Care.”

Headed by Dr James Kingsland OBE, the President of the NAPC, the NPCN was created in 2009 for the Department of Health to facilitate better clinical engagement in commissioning.

The network is now hosted by the NAPC and provides a forum to ensure clinical thinking, presence and leadership are central to the NHS reform agenda. It is representative of the wider clinical community working in the NHS and highlights key information from the large networks from which the NPCN is drawn. The network has a particular interest in service development.

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