The Strategic Commissioning of Education: how to create the elusive win–win

12th December 2017

Linda Edwards
Linda Edwards, Education for Health Chief Executive

How do you know what to commission and by when to ensure everyone is compliant with clinical guidelines, let alone the things you feel need to be done locally to improve health outcomes?

We recognise the difficulty in juggling all of the different priorities and are currently creating new ways to support you, enabling you to find your way through the ‘commissioning of education programme’ mire.

In 2018/19, we will create a systematic approach to gathering and sharing intelligence about what can be seen on the horizon. This will include upcoming guideline changes, new NHS priorities, ongoing shifts of focus and some demographic analysis along with our latest training and service support offers.

All of this will enable you to identify your training priorities for the new financial year.

As a part of this we are offering to undertake a free practice staff training needs analysis (TNA) for 3 CCGs/GP Confederations before March 2018.
If you are interested in taking up this offer and haven’t already done something like this with us, please contact Gordon Schofield (see below for contact info) and we will arrange to do this for you. We will work with the first three organisations to contact us.

Administrative practice staff often have their training needs overlooked. This TNA will therefore make sure that we include this important staff group as well as the clinical staff, enabling you to have a comprehensive view of training needs in primary care.

So why are we doing this? Quite simply, to take the hassle out of contracting for education/ training programmes. We know that if we can identify training needs together we can provide annual support programmes that gives you peace of mind that your training requirements are covered and gives us the ability to plan ahead effectively. The other advantage to you is that if you choose to commission an annual programme you will benefit from price breaks which will allow you to spread the cost.

If you have any questions please contact me directly or your local NHS Partnerships Manager.

Education for Health Chief Executive Linda Edwards

Please see your NHS Partnerships Manager below, or email and your message will be forwarded to a member of the team for your area.

South West and Wales:
Nina Rawstrone on or 07794 433896.
Twitter: @ninaefh

Greater London, the South East and Northern Ireland:
Gordon Schofield on or 07717 121536.
Twitter: @gscho_ed4health

North West and North East England:
Victoria Gaffney-Lovett on or 07985 214917.
Twitter: @vgaffneylovett

Scotland, Midlands and East of England:
Nicki Overton on or 01926 836999.
Twitter: @overtonnicki