Stoptober is back!

3rd October 2022

The 28-day stop smoking challenge

Stoptober is back! This October, the NHS is running its annual campaign encouraging people within the UK to quit smoking. Research has shown that those who quit for 28 days, are five times more likely to quit permanently. So if you’re thinking of quitting, or you’re supporting someone to quit, now is the perfect time to get started. Why not take up the 28-day stop smoking challenge?

Quit smoking in 2022

The NHS Stoptober campaign includes a wide range of free resources, including an app, which tracks progress and gives daily support. The NHS website also has information focused on accessing smoking cessation services and advice for those trying to quit for good. Information about the campaign and all the support available can be found on the NHS website.

Health benefits

Those who quit smoking, will start to see the benefits quickly, and not just to their health but also their finances. Health benefits include:

Smoking Cessation workshop

If you’re preparing to support people to quit smoking, then take a look at our one-day online workshop. Suitable for primary, secondary & community care workers plus those in public health, this short course is led by an experienced clinical specialist and will help you to develop smoking cessation initiatives. Find out more about the workshop and book your place now for our next start date. .