Updated smoking cessation workshops launched this National No Smoking Day

13th March 2019

20% of all deaths in the UK are related to smoking. Furthermore, six million Britons have died from tobacco related diseases in the last 50 years and it is established that one in two regular smokers will eventually be killed by their habit.

National No Smoking Day is Wednesday 13 March in the UK, and as a healthcare education charity this is a cause close to our heart.

Education for Health aims to transform the lives of people living with long term health conditions. Our vision is for a world where everyone living with a long term condition receives high quality care and can manage their condition to the best of their ability. We believe this can be achieved through a well informed and well educated workforce.

This March we’re running the first iteration of our updated Smoking Cessation Practitioner workshop for West Sussex County Council. The workshop is designed for healthcare professionals and non-clinical staff working in healthcare, who are delivering smoking cessation advice. The course covers pharmacological management, engaging behaviour change, why smoking cessation is a priority, use of Carbon Monoxide monitors and considers smoking cessation aids such as E cigarettes.

Beverley Bostock,Education Lead for Smoking Cessation at Education for Health, comments “Smoking can increase the risk of developing long term conditions including cardiovascular diseases. It’s also a key contributing factor to respiratory conditions such as COPD.

“Public Health England and the NHS Long Term Plan both prioritise smoking cessation, recognising that this can have a significant impact on physical, mental and financial wellbeing.  Yet around the country smoking cessation services have been decommissioned and health care workers are becoming deskilled. Smoking cessation is a fundamental part of healthcare, not a bolt on service, and Education for Health’s smoking cessation workshop offers people working in this field the opportunity to refresh their skills and update on new evidence and guidance, including that relating to e-cigarettes.”

Further information:

Education for Health develops and delivers training solutions across a range of long terms conditions, including cardiovascular, respiratory and diabetes courses.

More information about our courses can be found on our website: https://store.educationforhealth.org

If you’d like to commission a Smoking Cessation workshop in your area, please contact our team at: nhsteam@educationforhealth.org

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