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20th April 2023

Studying our COPD diploma course – A case study

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to take a course with Education for Health, now is your chance to find out. We spoke to Jackie Gonzalez, a Practice Nurse, who has recently completed our Principles of COPD for Professional Practice course. In this case study, Jackie shares her experience of studying the COPD diploma course with us.

“Having the diploma helps ensure better care for my patients, hopefully leading to better outcomes

Pre-course background

Tell us a little about your current role – what do you do and what are the daily challenges you face?

I am a practice nurse with an interest in respiratory. I have the asthma diploma and the COPD diploma was needed.

What is it about healthcare that drew you to your career?

I have been in nursing for 40 years and in practice nursing for 29 years. It has changed so much from when I started. Now nurses are almost junior doctors as our knowledge base and responsibilities keep expanding. I think this is what keeps me in the job – every day is a learning experience.

What was it about the COPD course with Education for Health that appealed to you?

I felt it would consolidate my knowledge base in COPD and provide evidence that I have the skills to carry out review clinics.

The COPD diploma course experience

What did you like most about the course?

I liked the tutor – she was very helpful and the learning materials were very clear.

Did you find the course challenging? If yes, in what way?

I found the academic requirements challenging, I am not from a university environment and the referencing requirements were so different for any I had used before. The tutor was very helpful though.

What skills or knowledge has the course given you that you didn’t have before?

It consolidated my knowledge of the pathophysiological changes in the lungs, which I use when explaining how inhalers help and support.

What has the course enabled you to do differently in your work?

It has enabled me to better support my respiratory patients. I find I can use some of the learning to explain the condition so patients can understand what is happening to them and why even small changes can help them. It helped me to build on my knowledge base for respiratory conditions. Having the diploma helps ensure better care for my patients, hopefully leading to better outcomes.

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