Helping Primary Care Networks grow and deliver

2nd April 2019

As the NHS Long Term Plan introduces Primary Care Networks (PCNs), Education for Health is developing a suite of options to support networks in becoming established and delivering high quality and effective care.

Education for Health has provided education and training to primary healthcare professionals for more than three decades and can use the knowledge gained through delivering this, and other innovative tools and services, for the new PCNs.

We have already identified some of the keys to making a primary care network successful, and know that developing trust and good relationships from the start will be crucial, as is having a clear focus on the organisation’s objectives and the key reasons for its parts to collaborate.

As PCNs determine how to be effective in their local area, we will be able to offer:

  • Tools to map populations/disease profiles/live data
  • Training in networking skills
  • Service and process mapping skills
  • Leadership/management skills
  • Service redesign skills.

This support can include local workshops that physically bring together local clinicians and managers. If PCNs are to be effective locally, then working together on local services will bring obvious and immediate benefits in terms of mutual understanding and co-operation.

As your Primary Care Network starts to forge its path, online resources such as webinars can also complement these workshops or facilitated sessions. Interested in finding out more? Our Director of Innovations Stephen Ryan is our Primary Care Networks lead and can be contacted on