Online store FAQs

11th January 2021

You’ll have seen lots of change at Education for Health at the end of December and start of January! We now have a new website, updated eLearning access and a new store to make the purchasing process easier for you, whether you are buying for yourself, or buying for others.

We know a lot has changed, so we have tried to identify some key questions and answers to help. If you can’t see your question and answer below, please scroll to the end where you can access our contact form. Your enquiry will go to the right team from there and we will endeavour to answer within two working days, with common questions and answers being added here.

How do I create a customer account?

An account will be created automatically by going through the checkout on the store. You will then receive an email confirming the account and allowing a password to be reset which can be used for subsequent purchases on the store.

What are my customer account details used for?

If you are buying a course place for yourself we will use these details to register the student on the course purchased. These details will also appear on all order confirmation documents and for future communication regarding any learning.

Can I change my customer account details?

Yes, you can go the addresses area of your account where there is an option to Change your Customer Account Details.  Click on the tab, complete the form and submit.  We will update your details as quickly as possible.  You can always go back to the addresses area to see if the information has changed.

I have purchased from you before but it doesn’t recognise my customer account?

We implemented a new store on January 8 2021, therefore any customers returning after this date will need to create a new customer account.

Once I place my order is my place reserved on the course?

Course registration is only complete once the order status is completed and you have placed an order for a course place not a learning licence.  To achieve a completed order we need to have received payment online or by bacs, or be in receipt of a PDF purchase order with all the correct details.

Do I buy a course place or a learning licence?

If you are buying for yourself, please buy a course place. If you are buying for anyone else, buy a learning licence and pass it to the person who will be attending. They will need to book onto the course, using a learning licence supplied by their funder.

If I buy a learning licence does this reserve a place on the course?

No, all licences are not specific to course places and the attendee will need to make the purchase on our website through their own customer account using the learning licence as payment.

I am not paying for myself and I need an invoice to go to my funder?

If you have a PDF purchase order you can buy a place on a specific course using your account selecting the Bacs/Purchase order option.  Your order will include your account details and be completed once we receive your PDF purchase order.  Finance will then raise an invoice which has 30 day payment terms using the details on your purchase order.

If you don’t have a PDF purchase order, your funder will need to create their own customer account with the required details and purchase the relevant learner licence for the course you want to attend. 

How do I use a learning licence someone has given me?

Go to the store and choose the course and date that suits; when you are asked for payment, use the licence code you were supplied to complete the purchase. Learning licences either relate to courses at a certain level, or to specific courses, for example in the case of Spirometry.

I need to buy for someone else or a couple of people – what is a learning licence?

A learning licence gives you flexibility and helps you manage the timing of when you release the licences to the participant / learners.  After purchase, you can pass the code supplied to the learner, who returns to the store where they can book onto the start date of a course that suits. They can access the subject area that suits their needs and yours, and on a start date any time up to 6 months from date of purchase (except Covid-19 Resource Centre learning licences which must be used within 21 days of purchase). And as the purchaser, you could buy, for example, 5 licences at Level 5 when your training budget allows, then allocate them to staff throughout the following 6 months.
Read more about learning licences

How does a learning licence work?

The organisation purchases learning licences at the correct level for their learners:

As a purchaser you buy the learning licences through our store, then pass the learning licence codes to individuals when they are ready to train. This enables them to directly register onto a course with a suitable start date. This is done via the store, using the licence code in place of payment.

I want to book my practice nurse onto a Level 6 COPD course in July – what should I do?

If you are buying for someone else then for your example, you should purchase a Level 6 Learning Licence: – you are then issued with a code which you pass to the learner to book themselves onto the next suitable date.

Read more about Learning Licences here:

I need to buy for at least ten people.

We have extra support for purchasers buying learning licences at this volume, including a dedicated Partnership Manager who can help with licence usage reports, learner progress on courses and completion data. This allows you to easily demonstrate a return on your investment. We also have discounts available when bulk buying – talk to the team on [email protected] to find out more.

I have a code to use, what do I do?

When going through the checkout you will be presented with an option to enter a code. You should copy the code you have been sent and then paste it into the field at checkout and it will automatically adjust the value, depending on the value of the code.

My eLearning has changed, I am not sure what to do?

You should have been sent information about eLearning changes during December 2020, or on 4 January 2021 when our eLearning was moved to new platforms. This requires the creation of new credentials. Please check your junk email folder in case the communication went there.

If you are not sure what to do, please contact our Learner Support team on [email protected] who will be able to advise you.

I can’t see my question here?

Use our Contact Us form, and we will make sure your enquiry ends up with the right team.