New NHS Long Term plan includes focus on long term conditions

7th January 2019

The NHS has today published its Long Term Plan, which sets out the strategy for the next ten years. It includes details of how the extra budget, pledged by the Government in June 2018, will be spent, alongside highlighting key areas of focus, including prevention, support for the NHS workforce, improving  the quality of care and hence health outcomes.

One part of the plan sets out strategies to prevent and/or improve the health of those living with long term conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease.

Specific aims within the plan linked to long term conditions include targets for introducing flash glucose monitors more widely for those with Type 1 diabetes and encouraging further use of education and digital self-management tools for patients. For respiratory conditions, the intention is to reduce variation in the quality of Spirometry testing across the country, as well as further assisting Pharmacists to educate patients regarding correct inhaler use.

Chief Executive of Education for Health, Dr Linda Edwards, commented: “At Education for Health we welcome the focus this plan places on prevention and providing people living with long term conditions the support and care they need.

“With many people living with multiple long term conditions; cardiovascular disease remaining the biggest cause of premature mortality; the number of people living with Type 2 diabetes rapidly increasing to 5 million; and over 2 million people estimated to be living with undiagnosed COPD – the timing of this plan is crucial. It is critical we all focus on prevention and improving the lives of those living with these long term conditions.

“I’m also delighted to see that the plan prioritises support for the NHS workforce, particularly through training and education, thereby giving people the skills to assist their patients.

“Here at Education for Health we understand the benefits of providing education and training to health care professionals. We know that this enables them to have the confidence and competence to manage complex conditions and hence improve health outcomes for their patients. We are committed to continue to provide high quality education and training to enable this to be a reality.”

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Education for Health provides education and training for healthcare professionals delivering care for those with long term conditions. Our part-time accredited courses include Diabetes, CVD, Spirometry, Asthma and COPD.

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