Luke: From Intern to Employee

5th November 2018

“I currently work as a Finance & Customer Services Administrator in the Finance department having previously worked as an Education Assistant during my placement year at Coventry University. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Luke-2.jpg

“As an intern I was able to take on my own projects and assist in a variety of other projects throughout the charity providing me with the most well rounded experience possible from my year at Education for Health. Being involved in a variety of projects has provided me with valuable experience in the workplace and a variety of transferable skills. My placement at Education for Health also helped me considerably in my final year at University as I found I was able to write about my experiences and put what I had learned to use.

“What I enjoyed most about my internship at Education for Health is that from day one I was treated as an employee and given real responsibilities which is excellent as an Intern as you are seeking an accurate representation of work experience.

“To have the chance to return to an organisation which I have a good understanding of and good working relationships in combined with the opportunity to follow my desired career path of finance were what led me to believe that returning to Education for Health was the right decision.

“Despite there being a few new changes to the organisation since my internship, the organisation still felt very familiar and I already had developed great working relationships with the members of staff who I had previously worked with and I have been made to feel very welcome by new members of staff.

“Working in Finance has been a long term goal of mine but by gaining experience working for Education for Health on my internship I was able to take a step closer towards this. I am delighted to be working in Finance at Education for Health and look forward to pursuing a career in Finance.”

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