Learner Frequently Asked Questions

10th June 2021

To help signpost you to the right information, we’ve included below our responses to some frequently asked questions. If the information you require isn’t included, then please do get in touch with us directly at: learnersupport@educationforhealth.org.

Finding a course for you:

What qualification do I need to enter a course at level 5 or 6?
Our level 5 courses are equivalent to undergraduate diploma level. You don’t need a specific qualification to learn at this level, but you will need to be seeing patients within a medical environment.
Level 6 courses are the equivalent to degree level and therefore any qualification below undergraduate degree level is suitable as a qualification to enter the course. You will also need to be seeing patients within a medical environment.

What qualification do I need to enter a level 7 course?
We usually request learners to have an undergraduate degree to enter onto our level 7 courses. However, we can review on a case-by-case basis, so if you have completed other qualifications, and/or experience, then we’d recommend discussing options with our MSc Programme Lead.

Will I need to book time off work for my learning?
All our courses are designed with busy healthcare professionals in mind. Therefore, we ensure that you can learn at a time and place to suit you. This includes pre-recorded lectures, a student forum to share ideas and eLearning materials that you can access and work through at a pace to suit you. Any time off work will need to be agreed with your employer.

Booking a course:

Do I need to use my own contact details or the ones from my practice when signing up for a course?
Please use the contact details that we can most easily contact you via, for example please include the email address that you have regular access to, as we may need to use this to contact you about the course.

How do I pay for my course?
You can pay through our website by credit card and your order will be completed immediately, or you can request the pay by invoice option where your order will be completed once we receive either a Bacs transfer or a copy of a purchase order. If you select the purchase order options, any invoices generated must be paid within 30 days of the invoice date.

Can I purchase a course place on behalf of someone else?
Yes. When you visit the Education for Health shop at https://www.educationforhealth.org/efh-shop/ you should choose the ‘Buy a Course Place for Others’ option. This will enable you to purchase a Learning Licence for the course you want. Please enter your own details as the purchaser. Once this order is paid for, you will receive a code which you can then pass on to the person participating on the course. They can then visit our website shop, choose the course and date that best suits them and use the code to reduce the course cost to zero when checking out.
Please note: It is important that you do not purchase the course place in your own name as the buyer, as this will result in your details appearing on our course attendance list. Purchasing the Learning Licence and passing the code to the learner to book themselves on means only their name will appear on the course attendance list. If you have made an error and need to update your account details, this can be done here: https://www.educationforhealth.org/update-account-details-request-form/

My course was previously cancelled and now has new start dates. I’ve been contacted to say I can join by entering a code online. How do I go about this?
Please go to the Education for Health website shop here: https://www.educationforhealth.org/efh-shop, find your course and select your chosen new course date. Proceed to checkout and then enter your code. This will book you onto a new course start date without additional costs.

Registering for your accredited course:

What happens once I’ve paid for my course?
As long as payment has been completed, an email will be sent to the learner near the time of the course start date. This email will include instructions on how to register via our partner, the University of Hertfordshire, for their academic course. We advise learners to check their junk folder within their email provider if they have not received the registration email.

How do I register with the University of Hertfordshire?
As above, you will receive an email explaining the registration process and a registration link that takes you through to the university registration page – it is a relatively straightforward process and should only take about 10 minutes. You must only register with the university if you are the learner undertaking the course.

Can I register after the course start date?
No. Our partner organisation, the University of Hertfordshire, does not allow registrations after the deadline (which is 11.59pm on the course start date) – there are no exceptions to this. We can likely enrol you on a later course, but you would need to speak to our finance team regarding your options.

I am not sure if I have registered on the course.
Learners will receive an email from the University of Hertfordshire, which contains the information to register on Study Net. Once you have been registered to a course, you will receive an email with further information and any next steps for starting on the course.

I have not received any correspondence since purchasing a place on a course.
Our courses are available to purchase in advance, which can mean there is a gap between purchase and communication regarding registration. This communication is also only sent once payment is complete. If you have completed payment and the course start date is nearing, then please contact our Learner Support team for advice.
Likewise, if someone purchased the course place for you, it is possible their contact details are being used as the point of contact. They will need to contact us to update the account details. This can be done via this form: https://www.educationforhealth.org/update-account-details-request-form/

You are able to purchase a place on the course ahead of time, but communication around registration and access to starting the course is not activated until the university sets up the course, which will be near the start date. Log in details and correspondence will be sent near the start date, and as long as you entered your details during purchase, you will receive these in good time before then.
If someone has bought the course for you and did not purchase a Learning Licence then pass you the code to book yourself on, it is possible their details are being used for communication. They will need to contact us to update the account details, using this form: https://www.educationforhealth.org/update-account-details-request-form/

I have not received any correspondence since registering my place on a course.
If you have registered with the university but received no further information re next steps and the course start date is near, then please contact our Learner Support team who will investigate further on your behalf.

How do I reset my passwords on Canvas?
To reset your passwords, you will need to contact the University of Hertfordshire directly.
Their LCS helpdesk can be reached at:
Phone: 01707 28467
Email: helpdesk@herts.ac.uk

During my accredited course:

When will I be able to access the eLearning?
Your eLearning will be accessible from the course start date (as advertised).
Please note this date is also the deadline for registering with the University of Hertfordshire.

I’m unable to see the learning materials/units on Canvas, what should I do?
Ensure you have Flash and Cookies enabled on your device, if you are still unable to see your units, please email us on learnersupport@educationforhealth.org and we will pass you through to our IT team.

How will teaching take place?
Our teaching is a mix of pre-recorded lectures and live webinars. Please see your Canvas page for any updates as the materials will be uploaded for you to view. You will be able to go back to the pre-recorded video lectures at any time to refresh your knowledge when you are preparing for your assignment submission. You are not required to attend a live event but simply view it in your own time.

Can I have a draft sample of my coursework reviewed?
Learners can find a draft submission Turnitin link on their Canvas account under the assignment tab. By submitting through this link, the module support tutor will be able to view their submission and give them feedback on it directly through Canvas. Please note in line with the university policy, 10% of your assignment will be reviewed once.
It is important that you use the opportunity to submit a draft assignment to not only receive feedback on your assignment but to ensure you are able to upload your assignments without any IT difficulties.

How can I contact my support tutor?
You will be able to find out who your support tutor is through the discussions and the announcement tab on Canvas. They will post a welcome message on there and you can speak to them on the discussion forum.

I cannot play a video on Canvas.
As all of our courses are online, learners are required to have access to appropriate IT equipment. We advise learners to use a laptop/computer for Canvas, and not devices such as phones as this can cause problems with viewing the platform.
We also recommend using Chrome and not Internet Explorer and ensuring your device is using the latest version of software available.
For learners who are NHS employees, please note that NHS-based IT equipment often has firewalls and may not allow full access to eLearning systems.
If you are still struggling to watch a video, then please complete the enquiries form which is located under the units tab under student information and a member of the team will get back to you.

What information do I need to include on the front sheet/cover letter for my assignments?
A sample cover sheet has been uploaded to Canvas. Learners should complete this and add it to their assignments. It can be found in the units’ sections under assignment details.

How can I apply for an extension?
There are two options to apply for an extension:

1) You can apply for a 10-working day extension. This form can be found on Canvas, in the units section under student information. You will be notified via Canvas if this has been accepted. If your application is accepted, you cannot apply for a second 10 working day extension.

2) The second option is to submit a Serious Adverse Circumstances form, which can be found via StudyNet if you search for “SAC.” You will be notified by the university directly as to whether you have been successful, and they will notify you of your new submission date once the exam board for your course has met. You will need to notify us when you receive the outcome so that we can adjust your course.

Can I get feedback following a submission?
Learners will receive feedback attached to their submission via Canvas.

After your accredited course:

I’m struggling to find my results on Canvas.

Once results are ready, they will be released and will be available for you to access on Canvas, you will be notified once when they are available to view.

When will I receive my course Certificate transcript?
Open University courses: We usually aim to get all certificates to learners six months after their course completion. Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic situation we are unable to have any certificates delivered out to learners. Normally, we would have certificates sent to our office which we would then send off to learners’ addresses. Once we are back in the office we will resume sending certificates out as soon as we receive them from the university. In the meantime, we can send you a confirmation via email which you can use for interviews and revalidations.

University of Hertfordshire: The university will send a transcript directly to you. This is normally within 10-15 days of the results being ratified. However due to government restrictions as a result of the pandemic there is a backlog with this process. Please bear with the university as they work through this.

Can I get proof of my qualification before my certificate is issued?
Once your results have been ratified by the examination board, we can provide you with a certificate of credit via email. This can act as proof of your qualification until you receive the physical copy of your certificate. Until the examination board has ratified your results, they are still classed as provisional results.