Are you inspired to improve patient care with NIV?

20th July 2017

A national review of the quality of care provided to patients receiving acute non-invasive ventilation (NIV) has been published, and has key recommendations for improving patient outcomes and ventilation services.

The Inspiring Change report by NCEPOD (The National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death) has some key recommendations for health care professionals working in this area, including:

  • Hospitals should have a Clinical Lead for their acute NIV service
  • NIV treatment should start within an hour of the measurement that showed it was needed
  • All patients treated with acute NIV must be discussed with a specialist competent in the management of acute NIV at the time treatment is started or at the earliest opportunity afterwards.

Education for Health Trainer Karen Ward participated in the study, and attended the launch of the report. She said: “As a health care professional working in respiratory care, and as a trainer with Education for Health, the standout issue for me is that over a third of hospitals allowed staff without NIV competence to supervise patients on treatment.

“One of the principal recommendations of the report therefore concerns establishing staff competencies in appropriate clinical settings. This is an area which can be readily improved upon by dedicated individuals, working to drive standards up within their teams; my experience facilitating others has shown me that meaningful change of this kind can be achieved.

“The need to begin NIV more rapidly after arterial blood gas analysis may be addressed in many centres by undertaking small changes in treatment pathway. Improvement of care is at the heart of our Level 7 module in NIV and Respiratory Failure at Education for Health, with participants encouraged to critically evaluate existing practice; the recommendations of the NCEPOD report provide us with the perfect jumping-off point for many worthwhile projects.”

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