Former Education for Health Trainer Awarded Queen’s Nurse Title

3rd August 2017







Former Education for Health student and trainer, Wendy Bradford, has been awarded the prestigious title of Queen’s Nurse (QN) by The Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI). The title recognises her high level of commitment to improving standards of patient care, and nursing practice.

The QNI, a community nursing charity founded in 1887, is dedicated to providing the best possible nursing care of people in the community, working with the public, nurses and decision makers to ensure that good quality nursing is available to everyone.

Wendy said receiving the title had been an emotional experience and the most special of her nursing career.

“I am amazed, shocked, surprised, astonished but so proud of the achievement that is an accolade for my patient care, compassion, commitment and leadership in community nursing,” she said.

“I will always continue to try my best for every patient I see, but this moment will always be the most special moment of my nursing career. My journey to get here today hasn’t been easy, but it has been rewarding and I have met so many friends along the way. Education for Health helped me on that journey and have been a significant part of my career and for that I will always be thankful!’

Wendy started her nurse training in 1987 and began her respiratory journey 20 years ago, initially in a hospital before moving out into the community. Over the years she has completed asthma, COPD, spirometry modules and an MSc in Respiratory Care with Education for Health.

She joined the charity as a trainer in 2006 and stepped down last year, continuing to work full time clinically.

She said: “My time with Education for Health both as a student and a Trainer enhanced my clinical practice and allowed me to continue making a difference for my patients.”

The Queen’s Nurse programme brings together nurses who are seeking to develop their professional skills and share common values. It aims to connect them with a supportive network and regional QN group, and provides formal recognition to those nurses who have shown incredible commitment to care improvement.

Wendy becomes one of a trio of nurses associated with Education for Health to receive QNI recognition. One of our clinical leads, Beverley Bostock-Cox, became a Queen’s Nurse in 2015, following our Chief Executive, Monica Fletcher, becoming a Fellow of the QNI in 2014.


To find out more about the QNI please visit this website.