Education for Health support and consultancy

24th March 2020

As part of the National Respiratory Programme, NHSE has released targeted funding for new Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Spirometry regional initiatives.

Education for Health is well-placed to help commissioners develop their Expression of Interest (EOI). We will help you to select the right combination of courses to underpin your tailored package:

Accessing the ARTP Spirometry Register

We have an excellent track-record of providing high quality Spirometry education and training by expert clinicians.

As part of our Spirometry Course we offer access to the ARTP assessment and help to upskill healthcare professionals through a blend of up-to-the minute eLearning and two engaging study days. This equips them with skills and knowledge to achieve competence in this field, enabling them to assess patients and diagnose respiratory disease confidently, supported by clinical history.

Written by experts and developed in line with ARTP standards, our study days offer practical support and problem-solving to prepare HCPs for assessment and entry onto the ARTP National Register.

Knowing Your Population – now available

We can help you to Know Your Population using Education for Health’s newly released Population Profiling Tools. At the click of a button, these provide you with a live, up-to-date overview of the essential data for those on your disease register.

You will be able to identify patients who have received, or are in need of, key screening and those that fall into At Risk categories quickly and easily.

Improving Care and Outcomes for Patients – workshops

Education for Health can also help you to innovate through bespoke workshops from our tried-and-tested menu of service and process mapping. Designed to fit within a practice’s Protected Learning Time, sessions address the principles of service (including referrals), mapping and variation, along with how best to overcome barriers to improving local health outcomes.

Through a combination of webinars, telephone discussions and email support, our consultancy and courses assist Primary Care Networks to implement service improvements in respiratory care. We also advise on how to increase communication and collaboration with secondary, community and private sector partners locally to ensure your project is practical, sustainable and great value for money.

Designing your bespoke support package

Our tailored consultancy enables you to combine tried-and tested courses with specialist advice. By supporting your cohort of up to 20 HCPs, we can help to resolve your population’s respiratory health challenges once and for all.

Examples of our £20k bespoke packages (for illustrative purposes only – please call to discuss, see below)


Online Training Needs Analysis for Respiratory education and training is offered upfront to ensure we prioritise the most suitable content for you.


  • Cohort for up to 20 HCPs (Asthma, COPD, Spirometry – as appropriate)
  • Pre- and post- profiling including recommendations’ report
  • Dedicated consultancy time


Pre and post primary care profiling and 2 of the following 3 workshops:

a. Tailored workshop based on outcomes of baseline profiling tackling local opportunities for improving patient outcomes

b. Facilitated Service Mapping

c. Facilitated Process Mapping

Service and/or Process Mapping ongoing support (15hrs)


  • Pre and post primary care profiling
  • Spirometry cohort (access to ARTP Register)
  • Coaching into practice

To discuss how Education for Health can help you design an effective local project and submit a compelling EOI for National Respiratory Programme funding, call or email Adam Smith our Associate Director of Strategic Partnerships. T: 07376 092 329