Education for Health Clinical Lead graduates with an MA

18th January 2018

Education for Health Clinical Lead Beverley Bostock-Cox has achieved a Masters degree in Medical Ethics and Law from Keele University.

The MA in Medical Ethics and Law is run by the Centre for Professional Ethics and School of Law at Keele University. It is one of England’s longest established Masters programmes in this subject area, having first been presented in 1987. The programme provides an opportunity to gain a deeper and more systematic understanding of these issues and to explore the moral problems faced by healthcare professionals and those involved in healthcare management and policy.

Beverley said:

I’ve always been interested in the ethical and legal side of healthcare and this course seemed to offer everything I wanted, so I could study the subject in more depth. We covered the ethics and law of reproduction, death and dying, conscientious objection, gender issues in healthcare and more! The course opened my mind to so many other issues in healthcare and focused it on the importance of ethical healthcare which puts people first.

“The course was flexible to fit in with work and the quality of the teaching staff was superb. As the Clinical Lead for our Masters module, Ethical Issues in Respiratory Practice, the course was invaluable, but in reality the course has also influenced my approach to how I teach and deliver care across the board.”

Beverley, a Queen’s Nurse, has a BSc in Professional Nursing Studies and an MSc in Respiratory Care, and is looking forward to the possibility of pursuing a PhD in the future.

Congratulations Bev, from all of us at Education for Health!

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