Ashpreet’s story: a volunteer’s perspective

24th January 2016

Ashpreet’s Story

“Fresh from Southampton University having done a degree in Economics, I was keen to try and gain some experience of the world of work to increase my chances of employability.

Ashpreet Nagra“The job centre signposted me to Education for Health, a local charity based in Warwick with a strong track record of working with volunteers, and after an informal interview process I commenced volunteering for three days a week.
I was able to gain real insight into the workings of a finance department and I was very much part of the team from day one with real responsibility and extensive training.

“Working closely with not only the finance department but members of staff across the organisation, I felt like a true member of the team.
This continued for 4 months, with progressively more opportunities to learn and develop with continual support. I was then asked if I wanted to consider full-time paid employment on a six-month contract. This was doing similar work but with extra responsibility.

“At the end of the six months, the role became substantive and I became a permanent member of staff. I was also given study leave, which assisted me in pursuing an accountancy qualification and I was delighted when I achieved the CIMA diploma in Management Accounting.

“In total I worked at Education for Health for 3 years and thoroughly enjoyed my time there, learning to work as part of a team and developing a wide range of skills which was invaluable in securing my ideal role as an Assistant Accountant in a new company, the next step on my finance career pathway.”

Interested in volunteering with Education for Health? You can visit our Join as a Volunteer page to see any current opportunities or you can approach us even if no suitable vacancies are currently showing.