Academic developments praised by External Examiners

6th November 2018

Education for Health academic modules and programmes are overseen by External Examiners to ensure that our awards are consistent with the wider Higher Education sector, and that our students are being treated fairly and equitably.

Director of Education Julia Neal stressed the importance of the annual reports which are submitted by the External Examiners.

She said: “Our External examiners are a really important part of our quality assurance process. They are an independent judge of our academic standards, integrity and rigour and importantly the fairness of our assessments.

“They also ensure that Education for Health are continuously enhancing courses to improve the student learning experience.”

This year’s reports have just been added to the Education for Health website and can be seen here alongside reports from previous years. They include particular praise for our markers comments within students’ assignments, or “feedforward” – offering constructive guidance on how to improve their future assignments.

There is also praise for the performance of the students, saying that the vast majority produce high quality work, reflective of the high quality teaching, mentoring and support they receive from our trainers who are up to date practitioners and clinicians.

To find out more about Education for Health’s programmes and modules, visit the Courses section of our website, which includes contact information for our Programme team.