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Education for Health run a small selection of Interactive Blended Online Leadership workshops, designed to help refresh skills and share best practice. Click View Course Dates to see upcoming dates.

Leadership skills to improve practice and care

This workshop is designed for healthcare professionals who wish to advance their leadership and management skills with a focus on changing practice and improving care.

During this highly interactive workshop led by an experienced leadership coach, you will learn about your own style of leadership and how to adapt that style when needed.

Finding the Leader Within – a series of three online action packed masterclasses

During the series of three Finding the Leader Within sessions, we will help you find your own level of leadership resilience and build on it, enabling you to bounce back from adversity more easily; you will discover how to manage your internal dialogue to support rather than hinder you, explore being adaptive and authentic and lead from within.

Each session is designed to help you to thrive and grow as a leader. Whether you are new to leadership or have been leading for some time, there is something for you.

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