Impact report 2016Charities are required to demonstrate clearly how the public benefits from their activities.

  • We are the only education charity to measure in a scientific way the effect of our training of health professionals on the patients they care for. We are able to show1 that our training makes a measurable difference to the health outcomes and quality of life of patients with long term conditions.
  • View our most recent impact report. We are so proud of the difference we made in 2016 and we are happy to share this with you.
  • View our most recent annual report. For the detailed annual report and older reports, please visit the annual reports page.facts 2016

We are keen to ensure we have patient and public involvement in our education processes from development to delivery, to ensure we are providing training that empowers healthcare professionals to help patients.

Our Patient Advisory Group is looking for new members, please visit this page to find out more about how you can get involved.

1 J Taylor-Fishwick, M Okafor, M Fletcher. (2014) Effectiveness of asthma principles and practice course, 28 October 2012 edn., : Journal of the American Association of Nurse practitioners .