As a Charity, our mission is to improve the lives of people living with Long Term Conditions.

We want to be recognised as:

  • The leading provider of education and training in Long Term Conditions
  • Patient-focused
  • Supportive of life-transforming innovation
  • National and international
  • Impact-orientated
  • Enablers of change
  • Exceptional in every way
  • A great place to work, learn and develop
  • Robust and sustainable

Our goals are to:

  • Extend our potential by promoting the impact and value of what we do for the benefit of patients across the globe
  • Provide an excellent learning experience that develops the capabilities required to manage Long Term Conditions effectively and leads to sustained change
  • Be at the forefront of adopting innovative technologies and digital solutions to enhance Iearning and streamline business processes
  • Develop and manage our resources responsibly to ensure the Charity’s continued sustainability and to promote growth