I am currently on a Pathway with REUK. What will happen to my credits?
If you are on a Level 7 Postgraduate programme, your studies will not be affected. This applies only to level 5 and 6 and as such your programme/ modules will continue to run. Your credits will remain unaffected.

If you are on a level 5 /6 pathway, a letter has been sent out to you outlining your particular route and the credits you have achieved. There are different options open to you depending upon the stage you have reached in your study. You are advised to contact our Education Administration team on 01926 838969 to discuss your study further.

Will I be able to complete my studies?
We are working with the University of Hertfordshire (UH) to ensure your studies are disrupted as little as possible and that, where appropriate, you can complete your respiratory award. Much will depend upon how many credits you have achieved to date and whether you will be able to complete sufficient study during the allocated exit period (August 2016) in order to fulfil the credit requirements of the University relating to your award. Please contact us as above.

When does this apply?
From the beginning of September 2015 we will unfortunately not be able to accept new level 5 or 6 registrations onto UH modules but Open University (OU) programmes will be available and you can register on one of these programmes. A limited academic calendar will be available for those individuals being supported to complete their studies.

What happens if I have money on account?
If you are continuing with REUK/UH to complete your studies, any money on account will be used in the normal way to fund your programme.
If you have opted to transfer your studies to OU/Education for Health courses then your funds will transfer with you. If your programme was funding by a third party (e.g. employer) please check with them that they are happy for this to happen.

Should you wish to take your credits to an alternative university then your remaining money will be refunded. You are asked to send us a letter requesting a refund for your outstanding modules.

Are there other similar courses available?
Education for Health have a portfolio of modules and courses available, many of which are similar in terms of title and content. Other courses may not be available in their current format but may be included within other programmes.

As a commissioner, am I still able to arrange places on modules or organise modules to be run on our local site?
Yes of course, the range of modules offered by the Education for Health group is available and will give you more scope as it not only includes respiratory modules but also MSK, diabetes and cardiovascular practice. Please contact: Gordon Schofield on 01926 838698 for more information.

We are sure that you will have other questions that are more individual to you and therefore we encourage you to contact our MSc Programme Lead at Education for Health on 01926 838969 or via info@educationforhealth.org