Spirometry at Education for Health

Spirometry is an essential tool in the diagnosis and management of respiratory disease but do you feel confident and assured when you or your team are performing this?

Education for Health has a range of Spirometry courses written by experts.

Our Spirometry modules are developed with the Association of Respiratory Technology & Physiology (ARTP) and supported by the British Thoracic Society (BTS). Depending on which module you take, you may or may not also earn academic credits with The Open University.


For further information and to apply, click on the course above, contact us on 01926 838969 or email info@educationforhealth.org

If you are looking for training for a number of people, we can help you organise exactly what you need, we make it easy for you to organise relevant, up-to-date healthcare training in your area. Contact our NHS Partnerships team on nhsteam@educationforhealth.org and the manager for your area will be in touch.