Education for Health offers Diplomas, Degrees and Masters programmes.

Education for Health offer Diploma and Degree programmes, all of which are validated by The Open University. Our Masters programme is validated by the University of Hertfordshire. This ensures that they carry maximum credibility with employers and other health professionals. These qualifications, once received, come with the quality assurance of a highly reputable university.

All modules within the programmes are delivered using a combination of distance and blended learning, allowing a high degree of flexibility in relation to:

  • the timing of modules
  • the amount of study workload taken on at any one time
  • the way in which study is accessed.

This allows these programmes to be fitted in flexibly around busy working lives: we understand how tough that can be!

The Diploma programme is suitable for practitioners wishing to develop their skills and knowledge in the care of people with long term conditions. It is ideal for Primary and Community Care Nurses and for Health Care Assistants and assistant practitioners who wish to study at this level.

The Degree programme is suitable for those with a responsibility for delivering care and for developing services for people living with long term conditions.

Programmes in Long Term Conditions

We offer programmes in Long Term Conditions management.


The Diploma of Higher Education in Long Term Conditions includes the compulsory module Reducing Risk of Long Term Conditions. Beyond that, there is flexibility to select modules that are relevant to your clinical practice.


The Degree programme (BSc Hons) offers further opportunities for specialisation and includes the compulsory modules Personalised Care for Long Term Conditions and Evidence Based Healthcare and a wide range of optional modules to suit your clinical needs.

Your final qualification will be determined by your choice of modules, and will be one of:

All modules are directly relevant to workplace activity and offer the flexibility to be adapted to changes in your role during the course of your studies. With over 20 different modules across the different programmes, the combination of topics which can be studied covers every likely requirement.

The practical focus of the education ensures that knowledge and skills developed are directly transferable to a clinical setting, having a positive impact on patient outcomes. By completing either programme you will be well equipped to provide high quality care in accordance with national guidelines.

We also provide the opportunity for anyone who has a Diploma of Higher Education as their professional qualification to top this up to become a degree. For more information refer to Top up to a degree.

For all enquiries about Education for Health programmes, please contact Sarah Kitt on 01926 836831 or

Credit for previous study (APL & APEL)

Credit can be awarded for previous relevant study or clinical experience and any programme student is entitled to claim it. Contact Sarah Kitt, above, for more information.

Masters programme

We offer the following programme, validated by The University of Hertfordshire:

For more information, contact

Tel: 01926 836833


From September 2015, REUK will no longer be recruiting onto University of Hertfordshire modules at Levels 5 or 6 or BSc pathways. Education for Health’s Levels 5 and 6 modules will be available as eLearning and also to be commissioned to be delivered across the UK. For more information please visit these pages: