If you need training that is tailored to your needs, Education for Health can offer you an efficient service that is flexible and responsive, and provide you with the support you need.

We can deliver a module or training programme in any setting of your choice and at a time that suits you and the workforce in your area.

Healthcare professionals face greater time pressures than ever before which is why every aspect of our approach for education and training is designed around flexibility. We work with commissioners to limit disruption and can plan study days and workshops that fit in with individuals and protected learning time where available.

You could make use of our dedicated training bases in Wellesbourne or central London, or arrange training in your locality or at any location of your choice.

We can personalise our existing training to fit your exact requirements

If you need to adapt our current training, for example combine two half day workshops into a full day, focus more on one key area of a disease or offer a module with focus on specific outcomes or priorities, then we can work with you to adapt our existing offering to match your requirements.

Case study: COPD & Asthma workshops

We can swiftly design and deliver new educational programmes or training solutions

In addition to providing a standard portfolio of courses, we have considerable experience in developing and delivering a wide range of bespoke courses and programmes. Working innovatively, we are able to provide training solutions which are designed specifically to meet local and/or regional needs. Each of these are designed and developed by our highly skilled clinicians, who are also an expert resource in clinical and academic matters.

Talk to our NHS Partnerships team about the support we can offer, we make it easy for you to organise relevant, up-to-date healthcare training in your area. Contact our NHS Partnerships team on nhsteam@educationforhealth.org and the manager for your area will be in touch.

Educational tools and resources

Education for Health has worked with a number of charity and commercial partners to develop educational tools and resources that support the delivery of healthcare for people living with Long Term Conditions. If you are a charity or commercial organisation and would like to find out how we can work in partnership, please contact us.

Our bespoke education and training tools range from eLearning, face to face workshops with online resources, to training in nursing homes or joining advisory boards.

Case study: Introduction to COPD

Contact Us

For more information on how we can work together to deliver the educational outcomes you need, please contact us on 01926 493313