Although we can work with you to deliver exactly the education or training you need, we know it helps to see some of the work we have already undertaken.

We will be adding more case studies here and would be delighted to discuss any of these approaches with you in more detail. If you’d like to find out more about our service, please do get in touch.

We can help you organise exactly what you need, we make it easy for you to organise relevant, up-to-date healthcare training in your area. Contact our NHS Partnerships team on and the manager for your area will be in touch.

NHS Wigan Borough CCG Diabetes education and training

Asthma and COPD workshops for NHS Shetland

Practice nursing training programme for Nottingham City CCG

Bespoke set of COPD and asthma workshops for North Kirklees CCG

Leadership for Care Home Staff in Northamptonshire