If you are looking for training for a number of people, we can help you organise exactly what you need. Whether you need a standard course that we already offer as Education for Health, training bespoke for you or a completely new educational resource, we can work with you to develop what you need.

We make it easy for you to organise relevant, up-to-date healthcare training in your area. Our NHS Partnership Managers will support you through every step of commissioning and running a course, helping you to match your training needs analysis, agreeing funding including lodging funds with us or LBR contracts, and refining details to ensure local priorities are met. We can even help promote the training if you are keen to reach new healthcare professionals in your area.

We have a network of more than 80 Trainers across the UK, meaning we can train in your area making training more accessible and reducing travel costs for your staff.

Find out more by reviewing our case studies or our guide to running a course.

If you are not sure what you need, make an enquiry and our NHS team will get back to you to help you choose the most appropriate training for healthcare professionals in your area.

Just need to choose a course but not sure what to do next? Why not start by looking at our portfolio of more than 70 courses to ensure you find what you need.