30 years, 30 stories: Dr Monsur Habib

11th June 2017

30 years logoEducation for Health is celebrating 30 years of improving the lives of people with long term conditions. We are marking this important milestone by sharing the stories of 30 people involved in our success, today it is the turn of Dr Monsur Habib, Paediatrician and Primary Care Respiratory Physician.

Monsur Habib“Financial hardship made it impossible for me to attend an asthma course in the UK, but fortunately I received a National Respiratory Training Centre (NRTC) bursary.

“My two months stay in Warwick in 2001 was really exciting and most valuable period of my life. It changed my life and I decided to be a Respiratory Physician.

“I am now one of the most busy and popular respiratory physicians and trainers in Bangladesh due to my skill and knowledge learned from NRTC.”

Dr Monsur Habib, Bangladesh
Paediatrician & Primary Care Respiratory Physician
Founding & Senate member, International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG)
fundingPresident, Bangladesh Primary Care Respiratory Society (BPCRS)
Founding member, Bangladesh Lung Foundation

Dr Habib was able to access our training thanks to a bursary. Any Education for Health bursaries are always shared on our funding page: www.educationforhealth.org/funding and this is updated each time we have new bursaries – we currently (as of 5 June) have some cardiovascular bursaries and discounted workshops available. This page also includes other potential sources of funding and sponsorship for potential students to investigate.