30 years, 30 stories: Liz Boden

25th June 2017

Education for Health is celebrating 30 years of improving the lives of people with long term conditions. We are marking this important milestone by sharing the stories of 30 people involved in our success, today it is the turn of Liz Boden, our first ever overseas student.

“I was the first overseas NRTC Asthma Diploma graduate in 1991. I returned to Bermuda full of enthusiasm and in 1997 set up a charity ‘Open Airways’ to raise funds to train many more health professionals in asthma and COPD. Also to provide basic equipment for everyone with asthma and COPD – there weren’t even any peak flow meters or spacers on the island.

“Since then 287 health professionals completed the NRTC/Education for Health Asthma Diploma course and 30 also successfully completed the COPD Diploma course. A few have done the Allergy, Smoking Cessation and Pulmonary Rehab diploma courses.

“We must have more asthma diploma graduates per square mile than anywhere in the world! Together we have reduced hospital asthma admissions by 76%! A huge Thank you to Education For Health. We couldn’t have done it without the expert training!”

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